System Analysis of Challenges in Increased Urban Mobility by Utilization of the Water Ways

When initiating the Waterway365 project we started out with a System Analysis capturing the bigger picture and all relevant facts to take into consideration in order to identify possible show stoppers and technical key issues.

Our work included identifying relevant stakeholders and their expectation on a waterborne system as well as developing Concepts and defining four Concept Branches. The concepts developed were also evaluated against three example use case scenarios in the Stockholm area.

Twelve research questionsFinally, twelve Research Questions and Key Technical Performance Measures (found below) were concluded:

  • Transport volume and system design
  • Terminal and vehicle-terminal interface design
  • Choice of engine and fuel addressing sustainability performance drivers
  • Off-the-shelf seaborne transport units
  • Comfort influence on system design
  • Lightweight design for sustainability
  • Waterway vehicle design
  • System performance assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • True inter modality
  • Finance and business models
  • Regulations and legal framework


Download full report, pdf-fileSystem Analysis

The System Analysis constitutes the basis for the following pre-studies and research projects within Waterway365.