Opportunity: New city space can be added through the use of waterways

Hammarby Sjöstad, foto: Susanna Hall Kihl

City planners are educated in optimizing land use and focus on the question how to divide city space between housing, cars, bikes, people etc. Normally this job does not include planning how the waterways should be used. The waterways may however:

  • add transport capacity
  • offer new communication paths
  • change the transport flow
  • level off the pressure on the present transport system

Synergies between bikes and waterways

Further, the waterways have the opportunity to increase the number of bicyclists. Through cross-cuts over water the total transport distance could be minimized. Also the reach of each bicyclist could be extended if there is a possibility to rest on board for a while.

Attractive housing near water close to public transport

The waterway is the natural gateway to the modern city where the proximity to water is highly valued. New urban housing is looking out over the waterfront, but when leaving or coming home the inhabitants are using the back door. A well-planned use of the waterway is the opportunity to change that.

Photo above: Susanna Hall Kihl in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm.