A project for an accessible and sustainable future

The project Waterway 365 was initiatied as a cross-over cooperation between the academia and an entrepreneur working together with actors in the public sector. The perspective is wide and a long-term system perspective. Our aim is to assemble competence and resources in order to release the potential of the waterways. Let´s come together and start working for the sake of commuters and the climate!

Challenges – Small today but thereby not necessarily tomorrow

The fact that waterborne solutions often average only smaller shares of the transport solutions of today is a big challenge. How come it is only 0.7 % of the Swedish public transport that runs across water? If it is this small today, is it really possible that the waterway could be a much bigger potential for tomorrow?

Crucial Expectations – commuter attractiveness and sustainability

Our crucial expectations on the services and products that our project might create or inspire to concerns two angels. First of all, as our team member from Vattenbussen constantly reminds us, the commuter possesses the veto power on which mode of transport should be used. Therefore it is absolutely vital to come up with solutions and services that inspire the traveller to change their behaviour into choosing a more surface effective and sustainable way of travel. In that way both profitability and strategical goals of society can benefit.

In the summer of 2014 students from Konstfack (University of Art, Crafts and Design) and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) came up with the picture above. Thanks again to Linnea Våglund, Karin Bodin samt Johan Fridström, Harsha Cheemakurthy, Simon Eklund and Urban Andrén.