A joint project for a sustainable future – welcome aboard

About Waterway 365, KTH, Vattenbussen, waterborne urban mobility experts

Waterways can contribute to sustainable mobility and enhanced transport capacity. All year around. The project Waterway 365 work with a wide and long-term system perspective and cover public transport and city logistics in urban environment. We put our finger on the key issues and gather relevant stakeholders. Would you like to join us and make a difference? Welcome aboard!

Waterways have the potential to:

  • attract additional commuters to choose walking and cycling as their mode of travel
  • increase the supply of public transport
  • recruit car commuters to more surface effective modes of transport
  • solve the challenges of city logistics
  • create accessibility to new residential areas

The Swedish research and innovation project Waterway 365 was started by KTH and Vattenbussen in cooperation.



Waterborne urban mobility experts

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