Maritime cluster cooperation in the Stockholm-Mälar region

During the spring the Council for the Stockholm Mälar region initiated a triple helix cluster cooperation for the maritime industry. To continue and deepen the cluster cooperation four different focus groups where formed: waterborne public transport, freight transport on water, maritime technology and finally leisure and tourism. Susanna Hall Kihl from Vattenbussen was appointed group … Read more

Time to expand boat commuting

Stockholm is the fastest growing capital in Europe. The most difficult challenges of the growth are infrastructure and housing. Along with globalization and digitizing, urbanization is without doubt the most distinct force behind the changes of world economy.  The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce aims at contributing to the discussion about the longterm development of the … Read more

Ships on electricity – a force to count on?

It was fully booked on the seminar on August 30th arranged by Lighthouse och the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden. The focus was opportunities, challenges and actions with electric powered vessels. It was a well arranged and interesting seminar with discussion about important questions. What are needed for ships to be operated on battery or … Read more