Ships on electricity – a force to count on?

It was fully booked on the seminar on August 30th arranged by Lighthouse och the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden. The focus was opportunities, challenges and actions with electric powered vessels. It was a well arranged and interesting seminar with discussion about important questions. What are needed for ships to be operated on battery or … Read more

Waterways a Hot Topic in Stockholm

During the coming weeks there will be three different seminars on the topic waterways in the capital of Sweden. First to go is the Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, who also launches a new report on Thursday the 26th of January. Following tightly is Mälardalsrådet, the Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region with an Open … Read more

The waterway, a part of sustainable growth?

A seminar, at Almedalen 2016, based on the pre-study, the waterway – an intermodal piece. A feasibility study and joint projects with the Swedish Transport Analysis, KTH, the Swedish Maritime Administration, Avatar, Vattenbussen and the Gothenburg School of Economics. How can we let the transport systems on the waterways be scaled and adapted to urban environment, … Read more

Water in the city – seminar

Research and studies show that there are great advantages in urban waterways but also environmental and engineering challenges such as regulatory frameworks, emissions and environmental impact, accessibility, and reliability. The seminar was held 11th March in Gothenburg and was arranged by Lighthouse and the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden and will be held in Swedish. Here … Read more