September, 2017

Swedish media cover the report from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce “Urban Linear Ferries – Expanding Stockholm” and illustrate the articles with images from the Waterway365-project, a cooperation between The Royal Institute of Technology and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

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July, 2016

Sjöfartstidningen – “Våga kräva demoprojekt” (article in Swedish)

June, 2015

Dagens Samhälle – Trafik på vatten måste in tidigare i planeringen (article in Swedish)

June, 2014

BBC – Can a city ever be traffic jam-free?

Karl Garme, a researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, is now conducting a study called Waterway 365. Funded by the Swedish Maritime Administration. The question is not land or water, but integrating the waterways in the present system and incorporating it when planning new” he says. “It means the traveller shall easily change from commuter train to underground or boat or bus or…preferably not even thinking about means of travel, simply take the suggested route from a travel planner.”

May, 2014

ScienceDaily – Boats offer solution for urban congestion

A solution for traffic congestion in many cities might lie in one of the most ancient of transportation available – the boat. Looking at how water-buses could be integrated into Stockholm´s mass transit system, researchers have come up with a strong case for a maritime complement to trains and buses – and not just in Sweden.

Engadget – Hybrid Batmobile, self-cleaning fish tank and an anatomical Barbie

Byggvärlden – Ger flyt i trafiken (article is in Swedish)

Ingenjören – Forskare öppnar för pendel på vattnet (article in Swedish)

KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology – Boats offer solution for urban congestion