The future for regional and local waterways

On the 9th of February the Swedish Maritime Competence Center, Lighthouse, in cooperation with Closer, NÖKS and EMMA arrange a full-day seminar raising the question Does Sweden have flow?

A better use of inland waterways would relieve the infrastructure on land, reduce the transport sector’s total environmental impact and contribute to more sustainable transports. How do we see local and regional maritime transport in Sweden in 2030?

Almedalen 2016 – the waterway, a part of sustainable growth?

A seminar arranged by Lighthouse and the Swedish Maritime Administration. Invited guest is Dr Karl Garme, researcher at KTH.

How can we let the transport systems on the waterways be scaled and adapted to urban environment, and a complement to our land-based transport systems, in order to achieve an over-all more sustainable urban mobility?

The seminar is based on the pre-study, the waterway – an intermodal piece. A feasibility study and joint projects with the Swedish Transport Analysis, KTH, the Swedish Maritime Administration, Avatar, Vattenbussen and the Gothenburg School of Economics.

Read more about the seminar 


Visit from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design

In March 2016, Sulan Kolantan, Professor of architecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design came, together with her project group, to visit Waterway365. Their project, a studio project in Stockholm, focuses on the design of an intermodal waterbus terminal with bike garage. Their approach is to combine design issues with ecological criteria in order to aim to design not only for humans but also for coastal flora and fauna.

Visit from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Photo: Sulan Kolantan from Pennsylvania School of Design with her project group, Susanna Hall Kihl from Vattenbussen and Karl Garme from KTH

Innovation workshop Waterway 365

On the 15th of September 2015 quite a creative and diverse group gathered at Open Lab at KTH in order to build new contacts and be innovative on the subject urban waterways.

Triple helix

The participants came from a variety of industries, public sector, urban planning as well as academia and others. In order to keep the bigger picture in mind the minutes were taken in pictures instead of in words. Here is the summary from our interesting day. Read more about the innovation workshop.

20150915_Minutes from Innovation workshop

Almedalen – the road to more housing and sustainable transport solutions

During the political week in Almedalen late June 2015 the project Waterway 365 arranged a seminar under the subject “the road to more housing and sustainable transport solutions”. Among the participants were:

  • Kristoffer Tamsons, Stockholm County
  • Ann-Catrine Zetterdahl, Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Tiina Ohlsson, Swedish Transport Administration
  • Peter Wågström, NCC
  • Susanna Hall Kihl, Vattenbussen AB

To read more and look at the seminar about housing and transport solutions.